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Corofin (Father Murphy) V Kilmaley (Wolfe Tone)

Clare Record, Saturday, 11-2-1888

On last Sunday the 5th inst, the final contest in the Fountain Hurling Tournament came off. It was perhaps the most exciting of all the days since the beginning of that arduous and protracted engagement. As there were only two clubs to hurl aside, as the amusement was now going to terminate in one single match—the business of about an hour—the people did not begin to assemble as early as usual, and it was not until about three o'clock in the evening that the rival teams—the Corofin (Father Murphy) and the Kilmaley (Wolfe Tone) clubs—met once more to decide the championship for which the young Irishmen of eight clubs had contested so bravely on the consecutive Sundays which had elapsed since St. Stephen's Day.
The Kilmaley men having scored 3 points against 1 point for Corofin on the previous Sunday, it is, perhaps, needless to surmise that they were confident of victory, and consequently they came to the field in 'small thousands' to share in the universal jubilee which was to be the inevitable result of their triumph. The men having been arranged in their respective positions on the field, the ball was thrown up at 3.30 p.m. when some splendid hurling was witnessed on both sides for about half an hour, during which time Kilmaley succeeded in gaining a goal and another point; so that when half time was called, the score stood—for Kilmaley, 1 goal and 4 points; against 1 point for Corofin; and the men exchanged places in the field.
It was now that the real hurling began, and it was evident that the fleet footed Kilmaley men were beginning to give way, and that in running at least they had met their match, while their opponents resumed the fight with unabated vigour and increased determination, so that in about 12 minutes they succeeded in obtaining 2 goals in rapid succession. The day's excitement had reached its height, each party seemed confident of victory, but the Kilmaley men were determined to win by fair or foul means, and it is feared that they would have recourse to the latter were it not for the firmness of Mr. Halpin, of Inch, who acted as referee, and gave his decisions in a fearless manly spirit. The ball was again struck, and with one last desperate effort the Kilmaleyites succeeded in obtaining another goal, which drove their followers into a state of frantic-delight which baffles all description. Ten minutes more now remairted, and -the
Corofin men seemed more eager for the fray than ever, and instantly called for the ball, while their opponents seemed inclined to take breath, when with one glorious dash for victory, as a wounded comrade shouted, "Now boys, for the credit of the little village," the Corofinites secured another goal, after which they artfully dodged the ball across the field for the remaining four minutes.
On time being called, the Father Murphy club were declared the victors, having scored 3 goals 1 point against 2 goals and 4
points for Kilmaley. 
Two other reports of above match were' received. We have given insertion to that which came to hand first, and we trust our other correspondents will pardon the non appearance of their remarks, from which we however subjoin a couple of extracts, one from each.
In your last issue your correspondent stated that the Kilmaley hurlers were wronged, but, as I have before stated, I believe the committee to be wholly impartial, and the Wolfe Tone's being met on fair terms by the Father Murphy's on Sunday last, must acknowledge that they were honourably defeated.
On last Saturday's issue of the Clare Record they accused the Corofin club of taking an advantage of them, but the score the previous Sunday speaks for itself, and that false accusation we treat with the contempt it deserves. Now that the Fountain tournament is consummated we the Father Murphy hurling c'.ub tender to the committee of the above mentioned tournament our sincere thanks for the upright and straightforward manner in which they discharged their arduous duties throughout, so openly in doing justice to all.

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